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From August 2017 to January 2018, I was contracted to be the Digital Content Editor for MedTech Engine, an online medical technology platform. During that time I oversaw the development and promotion of all online content across all digital channels, including all social media channels. I wrote numerous articles aimed at medical technology professionals, including profiles, analysis and reports. 

GIANT 2017: showcasing the cutting edge 

Last week, London held its second GIANT Health Event. The three day event, which featured hundreds of speakers and dozens of exhibitors, sought to promote healthcare innovation and connect health-tech innovators. Here’s what we saw


Set in the Old Truman Brewery in the hip Brick Lane neighbourhood, this year’s programme focused on cutting-edge technology, including mobile apps, Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Virtual Reality (VR).  

Over the course of the three days, 300 speakers spoke on seven stages to more than 5,000 attendees, while more than 30 exhibitors manned their stands, looking to drum up business and connect with other medical professionals.  

Although the weather was chilly, the atmosphere was warm and convivial. In the main hall, curious delegates interacted with well-versed exhibitors. The GIANT Healthcare Apps Pavilion and the Smart Healthy Cities Pavilion were particularly popular. For James Belcher of L2S2 Ltd, a clinical software company, GIANT presented his company with a unique opportunity to showcase their products, and to network with leading medical professionals. 

‘GIANT has a very good range of attendees, and given its size and that it’s in London it courts a lot more interest than other industry exhibitions and conferences.’ 

This sentiment was echoed by many other exhibitors, including Chris Webb of Medical Realities, a VR-based training platform. 

‘Being a medical platform there’s no better way to market your company than being with other medical professionals, and with GIANT there’s a lot more medical professionals than at other industry events.’ 

Although GIANT only started last year, it’s already garnered a reputation as an event for serious medical professionals, who can see both the current and potential value of the products and services on exhibit. For a company like Holoxica, which develops holographic 3D displays, this level of know-how is a huge draw, as Holoxica’s Anna Mikelsone explained. 

How medical device CEOs can navigate digital health disruption

In the first of a series of three articles, we get global leaders, McKinsey & Company’s insight on the medtech market right now. They give their expert advice to medical device companies, explaining how they can navigate through digital disruption.


‘It’s great to meet people who can see the potential of the technology and use it in their practices. For example, a dentist saw how our technology can explain their procedures to their patients.’ 

There was also a great level of know-how on display across the event’s seven stages. On the Main Stage, keynote speakers delivered high-informative TED-style talks-the address by Liberal Democrat leader Vince Cable was a highlight for many. There were also many panel discussions on important medical issues, both present and future, such as the costs and benefits of AI in healthcare.  

There were also more intimate settings, such as the Green Round Stage, where speakers shared their personal journeys to captive audiences in 360 degrees. Other stages, such as the DigitalHealth.London Stage, were well-attended throughout the three days, and featured a diverse range of speakers from different countries, professions and industries. The quality of speakers and their willingness to interact with their audiences was notable, and appreciated by those in attendance. Kelly Gaddes, of Personalised Care Solutions, was one such attendee. 

‘The speakers are really good, there’s good engagement between the platform and the crowd, and I’d probably come back next year.’ 

Kelly’s view was widely shared and the event, despite the Baltic conditions that often crept inside, seemed a great success with many attendees expressing their desire to come back next year. 

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