Chris Jackson-Copywriter, Journalist and Communications Specialist

Hello. I’m Chris, your go-to professional for all your communications and content needs. I’ve worked as a Copywriter, Journalist and Communications Specialist for eight years in Ireland, Great Britain and Australia, so it’s safe to say that I know may around words and how best to use them.

As a copywriter, I’ve been lucky enough to work with some of the world’s best known brands, including Google, eBay, Expedia and many others. While as a journalist, I’ve written for many of Europe’s most widely read newspapers, including the Sunday Independent, The Mirror and The Independent.

As for my work as a Communications Specialist, I’ve helped to develop and deliver communications strategies for several companies, ranging from small startups to large businesses.

I believe the breadth and length of my experience, in addition to my hard work, curiosity and creativity, shows that I can take on the most challenging projects, both from a content creation and a content management perspective.